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Aircraft Design Guide

Aircraft Design Guide: This website is dedicated to making a digital version of the last known remaining copy of the Guidelines for the Design of Aircraft Windshield / Canopy Systems available to those who might be able to apply the information contained therein. The Guide was created in February 1980 under the authority of the USAF Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Improved Windshield Protection Advanced Development Program Office (ADPO), Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Air Force Systems Command, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. It was written by James H. Lawrence, Jr. of Douglas Aircraft Company, McDonnell Douglas Corp., 3855 Lakewood Boulevard, Long Beach, CA, with principal company investigators and co-authors R. Beck, M. Coker, J. Hoffman, L. Koegeboehn, W. Murray, J. Rapp, and R. Twomey. Project completion occurred under USAF Project Manager Lt. L. Moosman, with Project initiation and various contributions by Capt. Don Chapin, PhD, USAF Ret., who initiated this site, and others.

Aircraft Design Guide Updated Forward by Don Chapin

The Table of Contents for the pdf file of the Aircraft Design Guide’s Forward below is linked. Therefore you can click a section title to jump to the linked Section in the document. Further, you can also click the icon at the far left of the top toolbar to open bookmarks to easily navigate the document.


Aircraft Design Guide Table of Contents

We’ve done our best to make it easy to navigate the documents presented on this website. Therefore we have linked the Chapters in the pdf file of the Aircraft Design Guide’s Table of Contents to their respective pdf files. Thus, simply clicking a chapter title will open the Chapter pdf so you can read it read online or download to read at your convenience. Likewise, each chapter file has its own table of contents, with the titles for each section linked to make it easier to navigate each document. Right-clicking the chapter titles will open a submenu where you can choose to open the chapter document in a new tab.

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In each individual Chapter document that opens from this Table of Contents there is another linked menu that will help you navigate that Chapter. You can open the Bookmarks the same way, as well. We hope this is helpful to you!

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